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Kate Baker – Reader in The fiction cafe book group.


I’ve finished the final page with tears dropping off my chin (the music below is what the MC is listening to as this book draws to a close) and I’ve been put through the emotional mill for 517 pages of gut-aching chemistry, anguish-inducing scenes in which both main characters dance round each other when they should simply BE HONEST with each other.

The irritation was palpable at times in me … one of the many emotions that had me knowing I would never give up on the read.

I’d seen the book’s title bandied about during the months I’d been a member here and I was fascinated with the hype and keen to find out what was actually behind these admittedly seductive covers.

A teeny part of me opened the first page wondering if it was just ‘another sex romp’. Far far from it my friends. As the layers of complication unpeeled gradually, from a difficult childhood, a non-effective mother, life lessons at the hands of evil, Emma’s character brought to me a request for patience and understanding. So I stuck by her and went through every emotion she did and the chapters and months unfolded in her new life.

Leanne’s writing style is straightforward, contemporary, humorous, littered with clever metaphors, dripping with emotion in which you find yourself smothered (well I did, because I’m a sop like that).

The Carrero Effect

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Overall Rating: ♥♥♥♥/ 5

The Carrero Effect is in full force! (And it’s only book 1!) I’m completely invested in this series and I can’t wait to read them all. I’ve already started book 2; The Carrero Influence — So look out for a future review on that one.  😀

This is like 50 shades (but less racy) mixed with a bit of You’ve Got Mail type characters and a Two Weeks Notice backdrop. If you like contemporary romance/ chick-lit, give this one a go!

The Carrero Effect

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Carly‘s review

Jan 21, 2018 it was amazing
This book is such an emotional rollercoaster, I loved it.
At first I really couldn’t warm to uptight Emma but Jake slowly broke her and made her loosen up (especially drunk Emma😉)

I soon got sucked into this story and felt like I was Emma , I felt all her emotions first hand, I had to remind myself many a time that it wasn’t real life. Leanne writes in such a way to make you feel this, she’s a fantastic author who needs to be recognised more.

I would love to see this story turned into a film or a Netflix series.

Move over E.L.James , L.T.Marshall has arrived !!

The Carrero Effect

on 16 January 2018
I finished The Carrero Effect by L.T. Marshall yesterday but it’s only now that I feel able to convey my feelings in what I hope will do this book some justice. To say I loved it would be an understatement, I absolutely freaking fell head over heels for this book. Within the first few pages I was gripped, I just had to go on this journey and see where we ended up.

Emma is a PA living in New York when she gets a promotion to a PA of Jacob (Jake) Carrero, millionaire and has an army of leggy females all around the country. Emma has to cater to Jake’s every whim and from the very start it’s clear how different they are. Emma is hiding a past and Jake is determined to get her out of her shell and to just relax.

At first, I struggled to warm to Emma but by the end of the first few chapters I loved her. Later when we learn of Emma’s past and why she is the way she is, I loved her even more. Her strength and her willpower is still fabulous. I adored the relationship that surfaced between Jake and Emma, be prepared to go through a range of emotions with this pair.

I was gripped by this book, I couldn’t put it down, I just had to know what was going on. My emotions went through the wringer and it was a rollercoaster of a read.

I don’t want to say too much more apart from go read this book and then download book two as you’ll have to after that ending! I have book two ready to go once my emotions have calmed a bit more!! Absolutely amazing read with some very believable and likeable characters.

The Carrero effect

on 10 January 2018
Another master piece. Bit annoyed at arrick being a prize idiot but that is the beauty of the writer making me believe in and react towards a character.

The Carrero Heart – Beginning

on 11 January 2018
What a fantastic end to a fantastic trilogy. Book 3 was just as amazing as the first 2 and brought everything to a well thought out conclusion. I must admit after the cliffhanger ending in book 2 I couldn’t read the first 3 chapters of this one without crying. The story and writing style draws you in and makes you feel like you are part of the story, you feel all the emotions that the characters are feeling, sadness, anger, frustration and happiness. There were also a few laugh out loud moments making this trilogy a perfect mix for any reader. I will definitely be recommending these books to my friends and family. They will not be disappointed.

The Carrero Solution

on 3 January 2018
This series just keeps getting better. The storyline is intense and gripping. I couldn’t put it down. I did nothing for days but read, ignoring all daily chores and even losing sleep as I read until the early hours just wanting to see what happens next. Reading book 2 sent me on an emotional roller-coaster as I found myself not only laughing and crying with the characters but also getting angry at them and telling them, out loud, what they should be saying to each other when things weren’t going quite so well. And that cliffhanger ending, well I almost threw my kindle across the room in frustration. I can’t wait to start book 3 to see if ‘Jacob’ redeems himself (he better!!).

The Carrero Influence

on 5 January 2018
Can’t put down, a book that pulls you in and you want to keep reading. Amazingly wrote and can’t wait to start book 2 in the series. Emma showcases what a lot of women go through with insecurities wither from a tough background or otherwise.

The Carrero Effect

31 December 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Well written, emotionally charged. Jake and Emma’s story grabbed my attention from the start, lots of heart in mouth moments, my heart raced reading this book.

The Carrero Effect

on 8 December 2017
I read this book in a day, I couldn’t stop myself!
What a crazy variety of emotions I went through whilst reading this book, angry, happy, sad, frustrated.
Part way through the book I was feeling secure thinking I knew what was going to happen but once again the author totally threw me and the twists and turns had me on the edge of my seat.
And wow – the steamy scenes, who needs Fifty Shades when you have Jake and Emma?!

The Carrero Solution