Loulou Belle Dolly

I started designing this doll and her Bunny over a week ago with only one goal in mind . To create a large toy design which would challenge me out of my comfort zone and give me a project that would take a little time while I still take a writing break. The result was… Continue reading Loulou Belle Dolly

Free Buddy Bear Knitting Pattern

So my children finally went back to school today. Woohooo. Summer is officially over and that means I can soon get my writing schedule back on track and start on the next book. Meanwhile, I am getting back into a routine, so I am giving myself a few more days of knitting some toys as… Continue reading Free Buddy Bear Knitting Pattern

Free Knitting Pattern of Nellaphant

A dear friend of mine, Rachel, asked me a week or so back to design her a knitting pattern for an elephant. She is obsessed with them, so as she does so much for me, I decided to take the challenge on. I got her to send me some google images of elephant toys she… Continue reading Free Knitting Pattern of Nellaphant