Alcohol Ink and 2020 Mould from lets Resin

I am happy to be working with this company again and thrilled when they reached out to ask me to showcase two products for them this month. Alcohol Inks and a large resin mould of 2020 To visit their website click here - I have never used alcohol inks in resin and was so… Continue reading Alcohol Ink and 2020 Mould from lets Resin

How to make UV resin geode pendants easily (Resin Art)

A simple DIY using UV resin and mica pigmets. I love crystals and geodes so always thrilled to try my hand at making some custom jewellery of my own. All you need is UV resinHot glue gun and glue sticksMica powdersglitterUV lampStar charm as a bailNecklace The video