Free Unicorn keyring knitting pattern

Cute and quirky little key adornment. You could make this in any colour and requires a good understanding of basic knitting.
From WWW.LianaMarcel.Co.UK if you would like to purchase one and do not wish to knit yourself contact me via my website or facebook .

Materials –
Dk wool in white
Size 12 needles (uk)
Oddments felt in pink, white and grey
2 black seed beads
Black, white and pink sewing thread
Oddment coloured wool as pictured
One keyring, any style.

Body and head ( as one piece)
To begin, cast on 20 sts
St st 10 rows starting with K
row 11 -( k2 tog) to end ….10 stitches
row 12- Pwise increase into every stitch….20 sts
st st 8 rows
row 21-(k2 tog) to end
row 22 – (p2tog) to end
now break yarn thread through remaining stitches and pull tight to draw in top of head.

To make the ear make a chain stitch 8 long, and fold over, stitch together to make a small triangle and attach to head each side.

Cast on 10 sts
start with K st-st 3 rows
row 4- (p2 tog) to end
row 5- (k2 tog) to end
now break yarn thread through remaining stitches and pull tight

To make up
Sew up from cast on edge to top of head and stuff, to make the neck more prominent draw wool round the neck indent and pull tight, stitch wool into the body to secure.
Use the stuffed body to lay on white felt and draw round the base to give you the shape, cut and sew to base to close.
The decoration of the horse /unicorn is simple.
felt shapes for tummy and cheeks, stitched on, seed bead eyes. To make the horn roll a piece of felt into a cone shape, secure with glue or stitches before sewing to head.
The hair is lengths of coloured wool simply sewn onto the head and forehead. Trim after applying .

To attach keyring use white wool to sew to top of the head, looping stitches through several times to secure.

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