Free Lenny the Unicorn soft toy knitting pattern

Lenny The Unicorn 

After much adoration and interest over my Lenny shelf sitting cuddly buddy on facebook I decided to let you all have this easy knitting pattern to make your own!
Lenny is the mascot at 
He was first a doodle many moons ago and has progressed from art to mug star and now cuddly friend! This sitting version is super easy and a fast knit which will be adored by any unicorn fans in your household.

You will need
DK wool in white, I used a 50g ball
DK wool in assorted colours or a rainbow mix ball. Mine is from woolwarehouse
Oddments of felt in pinks and yellow
Black seed beads for eyes and nostrils, although black felt will do
Sewing threads to match your felt or just white
I use size 14 knitting needles or toymakers needles for a tight stitch. You can use size 12 if you have none

The body and head

Cast on 30sts in white
Stocking stitch 20 rows
Knit 2 stitches together, repeat until end, leaving 15 stitches
Increase in every stitch to recreate 30 stitches.

This will make the Unicorns neck.

Stocking stitch 18 rows
Knit 2 stitches tog, repeat until the end (15sts)
Pearl 2 stitches together, repeat until the end. (8sts)
Cut a long length of the wool and thread through remaining stitches, pull off needle and pull tight. This forms the top of the head.

To make up stitch seams together to the base, stuff from the open bottom. Once full run a piece of wool around the neck line and pull tightly, sewing in the ends.

The Muzzle

Cast on 20sts in white.
Sts 5 rows
K4, K2 together, K4, K2 together, K3 (13 sts)
P1 row
K3, K2 together, K3, K2 together, K3 (11 sts)
P2 together to end. (6 sts)
Break wool and thread through remaining stitches, draw up and pull titght to close end.
Sew from this point down joining your two outer edges to create a muzzle.

Sew to face once stuffed. As pictured.

The base

This is the circular closure which completes the base of the body
Cast on 30stitches in white
Knit one row
Pearl 2 stitches together until the end (15 stitches)
Knit one row
Pearl 2 stitches together until the end (8 stitches)
Knit one row
Pearl 2 stitches together until the end (4 stitches)

Cut wool and thread through remaining stitches, pull tight.
This makes up the centre of the circle, sew edge seams together to create a flat circle, sew to base of Unicorn.

Ears, make two

Cast on 10 stitches
Stocking stitch 3 rows
Pearl 2 together until end (5 sts)
Knit 1 row
Pearl 2 tog until end (3 sts)
Break off wool and thread through remaining stitches and pull tight.
Sew up seams to create a cone shape. Flatten out and sew to head as pictured.

For horn roll a piece of triangular felt until its desired thickness, sew in place, Tummy is an oval pink felt piece. Cheeks are pale pink circles.

Eyes and Nostrils are seed beads sewn in place as pictured.

Arms and Legs

Using 6 long strands folded in half , secure with  length of wool creating the top of the plait, plait a 10cm long arm, tie a knot at the base to secure and trim off leaving small strands, make 2

Using 12 long strands folded in half, secure with length of wool creating the top of the plait, plait a 12cm long leg. Tie a knot at the base to secure and trim. Make two.

Sew to the body as pictured using white wool you secured at the tops of the plaits

To make hoofs cut rectangle strips of felt, roll around the base of the arms and legs and sew in place, cut small circles to sew on the bottoms to create the hoof look.

The rainbow hair.

Cast on 20 stitches in rainbow wool or chosen colour, cast off 19 stitches. Beginning with the single stitch left cast on another 19 stitches. Cast off 19 stitches ….. This repetitive pattern creates the hair.
Make as many strands as you like, for the last 2 strands I cast on only 14 stitches to create shorter fringe strands.


The tail is made in exactly the same way but using 25 stitches instead.
Secure the hair and tail using matching wool.
The bag and scarf were simple crochet and not included in this pattern.

If you do manage to create your own unicorn friend why not let me see. Post a picture on or send one too