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Join our Blogger/Bookstagrammer mailing list!

We are asking all Bloggers, Bookstagrammers and Twitter, Youtube book gurus if you want to receive promotional emails, chances of tours, and reviews from the Author L.T.Marshall. These will be sporadic and no more than one or two a month maximum. Some months may have no contact at all. If you wish to join the… Continue reading Join our Blogger/Bookstagrammer mailing list!

Make a baby/little Force Master – knitting pattern

It's that time of the month again folks. Free knitting pattern time!!! I have been so obsessed with all the little baby Yoda creations appearing in all my crafty groups and on YouTube, so decided I would treat all those star wars lovers to a special make this month. Yoda has always been my favourite,… Continue reading Make a baby/little Force Master – knitting pattern

Aliexpress Craft/Stationary Haul – Bargains!!

I have a video below with all the products I have been collecting since November, I know many love haul videos as it highlights things they might want to buy. Aliexpress for those who don't use it, is a wholesale website that used to only sell in bulk. Nowadays it lists single purchases at wholesale… Continue reading Aliexpress Craft/Stationary Haul – Bargains!!

Don't be an abusers pawn

This is a topic that is very rarely touched upon and I don't know why, because it is a massive part in how abusers operate. I decided after recent events in my own personal life that I wanted to write a blog about this and I will try as best as I can to explain… Continue reading Don't be an abusers pawn

The Carrero Effect, Free For 5 Days!

FREEBIE ALERT Book 1 from The Carrero Series by L.T. Marshall We have gone all the way back to the beginning of this epic series and a rollercoaster of emotions that are so very addictive!! Get your Kindle copy today!! The Carrero Effect - The Promotion by L.T.Marshall A story detailing the effects of childhood… Continue reading The Carrero Effect, Free For 5 Days!

Help Raise funds for Rural Fire Brigades of QLD and NSW.

Hi Everyone (Feel free to copy and paste to your own blogs and social media to help spread it xx) I just wanted to post that Beyond the Pages are hosting an online Book Auction 24-27 January with all proceeds going to the Rural Fire Brigades of QLD and NSW. For our overseas friends Australia… Continue reading Help Raise funds for Rural Fire Brigades of QLD and NSW.