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Join our Blogger/Bookstagrammer mailing list!

We are asking all Bloggers, Bookstagrammers and Twitter, Youtube book gurus if you want to receive promotional emails, chances of tours, and reviews from the Author L.T.Marshall. These will be sporadic and no more than one or two a month maximum. Some months may have no contact at all. If you wish to join the… Continue reading Join our Blogger/Bookstagrammer mailing list!

Free book 1 – Aug 1st – 5th

We have gone all the way back to the beginning. Free book 1 - the start of this epic series and a roller coaster of emotions that are so very addictive!!Get your Kindle copy today!!đź’›The Carrero Effect - The Promotionđź’›Contemporary romanceby L.T.MarshallA story detailing the effects of childhood abuse and the souls ability to heal… Continue reading Free book 1 – Aug 1st – 5th

June Tag Challenge – Mixed media emporium

Hi all, I am finally back and starting with something easy to get things moving again. I have a few arty crafty challenges to catch up with so popping this one on first as I was late with it. The June tag kit - Digital trim kit - The Mixed Media Emporium… Continue reading June Tag Challenge – Mixed media emporium

Our Monthly Craft Challenge – July

Hey all. it feels like an age since I have been here. I have been so poorly on and off and trying to recover. After writing the awakening book my health once again deteriorated and my breathing issues relapsed. Sadly it was confirmed that this began with my catching the dreaded C virus and recovery… Continue reading Our Monthly Craft Challenge – July

June’s Free Knitting Pattern – Large Sunflower (Early I know)

A lovely lady on Facebook was kind enough to send me a picture for a group on Facebook called The Big Neighborhood Sunflower Project and suggested I do something to go with last months rainbow pattern. Now sunflowers happen to be one of my all time favourite flowers and I was so inspired by the… Continue reading June’s Free Knitting Pattern – Large Sunflower (Early I know)

One piece Rainbow Hanger- Free Knitting Pattern

It's been an eventful few weeks with my not being able to breathe properly and getting worse by the day. So I apologise for the late freebie which I have not had the strength to make in the last couple of weeks before now. Today, after the worst 3 days, I was sent for a… Continue reading One piece Rainbow Hanger- Free Knitting Pattern