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The subtleties of Carrero


Often I am asked by avid readers and fans about certain aspects of my books, and I think it’s time I shared in one post, answers to all of these things.

Are there characters with mental disorders? I was sure I picked up on traits with a few of them, but as nothing was said, I assumed not.

Yes. There are multiple characters through all of the books who have their own issues. One is a high functioning Asperger’s female. We have a character with ADHD and another with OCD. We also have high anxiety in another, yet I have chosen not to use any pointers or labels for these characters for a couple of reasons. Later you meet someone with depression.
Many adults only find out late in life they have some of these things, in the case of my characters it is true for one or two. Sometimes…

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Win a paper copy of our magazine!

We have ten paper copies of the fan magazine up for grabs. Issue one which features Jake and Emma and has a bonus excerpt from Jake's POV. 10 lucky winners.All you have to do is go to the Facebook post to enter - is in no way endorsed by Facebook and is being run… Continue reading Win a paper copy of our magazine!

An outsiders view of Camilla and Alexi


As a writer I always have my own vision and understanding of why my characters are the way they are and why they make the choices they do. I spend a lot of time researching Psychology as a hobby, which I combine with my own life experiences and that I know of friends who have confided in me. I have always been a people watcher, for my entire life and recognise, patterns , behaviours from a young age.

I feel like somehow this was all training to become the writer I am now and find it completely refreshing when a reader or someone working on the books has the same vision as me.

I asked my very trusted Team Member Rachel, who was proof reader on books 7 and 8 and also gave me her insight into the books, to write me a review that was a little more in…

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Life Update and book 9 news.

Where have I been? I keep hearing you say. Well I am back on track and ready to jump into 2019 with more vavooom. If you are a part of my fan group you would know I have had a lot of family issues and home troubles for the past few months which held everything… Continue reading Life Update and book 9 news.