Leanne’s Easy Peasy Lemon Cake

So here is another recipe for you all. My son and I like to bake cakes and experiment often and this is one of those outcomes. Now before you start, I would advise you to pre-whisk your egg whites (you know like a proper baker would do) if you want a fluffier risen cake, but… Continue reading Leanne’s Easy Peasy Lemon Cake


Free Buddy Bear Knitting Pattern

So my children finally went back to school today. Woohooo. Summer is officially over and that means I can soon get my writing schedule back on track and start on the next book. Meanwhile, I am getting back into a routine, so I am giving myself a few more days of knitting some toys as… Continue reading Free Buddy Bear Knitting Pattern

Granddads Chewy Chocolate Krispy

A great treat for everyone. I have been meaning to share this recipe for a while and only just got around to it. My granddad was one of the best cooks ever. He loved food, cooking and baking and he was always in the kitchen when you went to visit. Some of my most loved… Continue reading Granddads Chewy Chocolate Krispy

Free Knitting Pattern of Nellaphant

A dear friend of mine, Rachel, asked me a week or so back to design her a knitting pattern for an elephant. She is obsessed with them, so as she does so much for me, I decided to take the challenge on. I got her to send me some google images of elephant toys she… Continue reading Free Knitting Pattern of Nellaphant

The Carrero Mag , Issue 3 is Live!!

Carrero Magazine Issue 3 The Carrero magazine is a fantastic accompaniment to to The Carrero Series by L.T. Marshall. Issue 3 is now live on Amazon. http://getbook.at/CarreroMag3 Issue 1 saw us catching up with Jake & Emma.Issue 2 was all about Arrick & Sophie.Now in this 3rd issue, we catch up with Alexi & Camilla,… Continue reading The Carrero Mag , Issue 3 is Live!!

Taking a mental break

For the past few weeks my kids have been on summer holiday from school, so what better time to recharge the batteries and take a time out. I sometimes need the mental break to recharge my batteries and produce equally gripping books. So what does an author of gritty romance do to unwind? Well in… Continue reading Taking a mental break