Awakening Book 2 on Wattpad

The news this week is that you can start reading Awakening book 2 today, for free.

The bad news is, I am only updating a chapter a day until it’s complete LOL

After writing most of the book I decided we should honour the way this series even started in the first place and am putting the first unedited draft on Wattpad as it’s fluffed up, chapter by chapter. I mean it is how it was create din the first place, when fans asked me to think outside the box and create a romance way out of my comfort zone.

After completion, much like we did with book 1, I will then re-pad the book, polish it and publish it to Amazon Kindle and in Paperback. That way you can buy it to save and won’t need to keep coming back to wattpad.

I started this 4 days ago so already the first 4 chapters are live and you can find them all here by clicking this.

Want the padded book 1 – or you can find the original draft on Wattpad. The kindle version however is way more polished and has padded scenes.

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