The Fiction Café – Book Club on Facebook

❤️ The Fiction Cafe❤️ is a friendly facebook based group where you can share your love of books and coffee! They welcome readers, authors, and bloggers alike.
I have been an active member for the last few months and really do love being part of the cafe community. I could not fault the way the group is run or the open friendliness of both members and admin. As an author they welcomed me with open arms and helped boost my book sales. I really do encourage followers to check them out.
The admin (who do a fab job)
Mooky Holden
Raymond N Tera Tidwell
Jennifer Gilmour
Cath Deacon
Wendy Clarke

It’s a place to feel free to share your favourite books, post questions, ask for recommendation and discuss and review books that you have finished.

❤️Join The Fiction Café – Book Club❤️

Some of the groups best features – 



They include members who use assisted devices to read text in the posts!

They currently have three main reading challenges than run alongside each other.

📚 Goodreads Friend Links
There is a file for you to add your Goodreads friend links.

Members vote on Monthly Book Choices

They hold competitions near the end of each month.

They feature bloggers, book reviewers and writers on the main wall.

As a group they fully support authors in their writing journey. They have begun a new feature where they have a LIVE chat to ask authors questions about their journey as a published author.


They are a Spam Free Book Club!!


Here you will find books written by The Fiction Cafe Book Club members!

They are a new group so we welcome your ideas too! If you have any ideas for the group feel free to contact an admin.

Occasionally we see posts that are nothing remotely related to books or reading so they have a special thread for off topic chat!

❤️ The Fiction Cafe Book Exchange! ❤️

They have a Book Exchange Thread for you to swap books you no longer want. You may swap books locally or internationally but please check the rules on the main post.


They are a friendly group and love to have fun debating books and discussing  current reads. Well admin’d and maintained.


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